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Danish videojournalist 24/7 covers Scandinavia

News real from Danish videojournalist, Ambiorn Happy

Live casting from any location 24/7.

Fast and reliable news journalist will cover your story in Denmark as well in neighbouring Scandinavian countries.
1) Give me a call
2) Don't mind the time difference
3) Accept my offer for payment via email and we're good to go.

Ambiorn Happy, photographer and journalist Videojournalist.eu
Ambiorn Happy
photographer & journalist, djh
ambiorn.[email protected]
phone +45 26 13 41 11
Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus

Handy quality video

I'll bring two handy 4K 5-axis stabilized cameraes (20x zoom), one still camera, sound equipment, tripods, and sufficient cash in local currency.
You can either have a live feed through your network, or have the videofiles uploaded through FTP.

Danish geography

Being a rather small country, any location can be reached within two hours. The country is 350 km x 350 km.

Scandinavian geography

Norway, Sweeden and Finland is close by. After 1 hour flight, most places outside capital areas can be reached within 5-8 hours.

Fotografier fra fotograf i Århus og København. Fotografen laver billeder fra hverdagen.
Kontakt fotograf i Århus og København Kunstfoto med historier og dramatik. Journalist xpress 24/7

Ambjørn Happy, fotograf og journalist Fotograf i Århus.
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Ambjørn Happy
fotograf & journalist, djh
[email protected]
tlf. +45 26 13 41 11
8000 Århus

Ambjørn Happy laver journalistiske billeder fra hverdagen. Udover at arbejde som kunstfotograf, tager fotografen i Århus og København også ud til kunst, kultur og lokale begivenheder. Søger du freelance fotograf i Aarhus og København? Eller en freelance journalist i Aaarhus og København til at skrive dine pressemeddelelser eller sælgende tekster, måske en videojournalist?

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